1966 rock in Aylesbury

The Ready Steady Go Club, which had started in Aylesbury at the end of 1965, presented more gigs at the Borough Assembly Hall before closing in the spring of 1966. On 4 January Them appeared: However, the club had trouble with artists failing to turn up or equipment not arriving, and small crowds. On 25th […]

1965 rock in Aylesbury

The Borough Assembly Hall was the main venue in town in 1965. Eddie Friday continued to promote on Saturday nights, but during the year there were some new promoters bringing different artists to Aylesbury – including a short-lived folk club. One of the highlights of the year was the appearance of The Who on 10th […]

1964 rock in Aylesbury

1964 brought changes on Tuesday evening with Aylesbury Bluesville presenting rhythm and blues in the shape of acts such as The Animals, The Yardbirds and Manfred Mann – see here for details. Saturday evenings at the Borough Assembly Hall continued to be promoted by Eddie Friday. Highlights included two further appearances by Gene Vincent (February […]

1963 Aylesbury Jazz Club

The Aylesbury Jazz Club started 1963 at Aylesbury Social Club but, after a summer break, moved back to Market Square and the Borough Assembly Hall (being the refurbished Grosvenor Ballroom). Fewer of the established “big names” appeared at the Aylesbury Social Club. Len Baldwin, Micky Ashman, Ed Corrie, Doug Richford and Charles Galbraith were among […]