Ken Colyer Jazzmen

Ken Colyer (1928-1988) was revered by devotees of New Orleans jazz, among whom he was often known as “The Guv’nor” (which is how he was sometimes billed when visiting Aylesbury).

Ken Colyer was a founding member of the Crane River Jazz Band, but left to join the Merchant Navy with the intention of shipping out to New Orleans. Upon his return to the UK in March 1953, he joined a group with Monty Sunshine and Chris Barber that became the first line-up of Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen. Colyer remained a purist in following the New Orleans tradition, whilst others – including Chris Barber and Acker Bilk, who both played with Colyer – went on to commercial success.

The Ken Colyer Jazzmen played 18 times for the Aylesbury Jazz Club between 1959 and 1964.

DateVenueArtist 1
27/1/1959Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
24/2/1959Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
7/4/1959Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
20/10/1959Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
22/12/1959Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
9/2/1960Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
29/3/1960Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
9/8/1960Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer Jazzmen
10/1/1961Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer and his Jazzmen
21/3/1961Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer and his Jazzmen
5/9/1961Grosvenor BallroomKen Colyer and his Jazzmen
14/11/1961Town Hall AylesburyKen Colyer and his Jazzmen
7/8/1962Aylesbury Social ClubKen Colyer Jazzmen
25/9/1962Aylesbury Social ClubKen Colyer Jazzmen
6/11/1962Aylesbury Social ClubKen Colyer Jazzmen
13/11/1962Aylesbury Social ClubKen Colyer Jazzmen
3/12/1963Borough Assembly HallKen Colyer Jazzmen
25/2/1964Borough Assembly HallKen Colyer Jazzmen