1969 rock in Aylesbury

1969 was a year of transition for music in Aylesbury. After the difficulties experienced by promoters in 1968, things looked bleak at the beginning of 1969. In the first half of the year, there were no regular gigs at the Borough Assembly Hall, the town’s main venue. There was much criticism of the Borough Assembly […]

1968 rock in Aylesbury

1968 proved to be a difficult year for music promoters in Aylesbury. Eddie Friday pulled the plug on Saturday nights at the Borough Assembly Hall in June. Eddie’s problems were outlined in the Bucks Herald: Eddie told us this week of his tremendous loss in takings over the past 18 months. “Lack of patronage over […]

1967 rock in Aylesbury

1967 saw some major names appearing on the stage of the Borough Assembly Hall. These included some giants from the rock world, and others from the pop world. In February 15th, Cream appeared, presented by Paul Hayward (sometimes shown as Paul Haywood) of the Ricky Tick club, which operated in Windsor and other local towns. […]

1966 rock in Aylesbury

The Ready Steady Go Club, which had started in Aylesbury at the end of 1965, presented more gigs at the Borough Assembly Hall before closing in the spring of 1966. On 4 January Them appeared: However, the club had trouble with artists failing to turn up or equipment not arriving, and small crowds. On 25th […]

Hobble on the Cobbles 1966

1966 was the Golden Jubilee for the Borough of Aylesbury. As part of the Jubilee celebrations, the first Hobble on the Cobbles took place – an event in the Market Square featuring local bands. The Bucks Herald reported: With the square barred to traffic it became the centre of a scene which surpasssed all expectations. […]

1965 – the last days of Aylesbury Bluesville

May 1965 saw the end of Aylesbury Bluesville, and with it the link with promoters Ron and Nanda Lesley, who had begun the Aylesbury Jazz Club at the Grosvenor Ballroon in January 1961. The Lesleys also promoted in London and other towns, and in particular in Ipswich on Monday evenings, where they continued with the […]

1965 rock in Aylesbury

The Borough Assembly Hall was the main venue in town in 1965. Eddie Friday continued to promote on Saturday nights, but during the year there were some new promoters bringing different artists to Aylesbury – including a short-lived folk club. One of the highlights of the year was the appearance of The Who on 10th […]

1964 rock in Aylesbury

1964 brought changes on Tuesday evening with Aylesbury Bluesville presenting rhythm and blues in the shape of acts such as The Animals, The Yardbirds and Manfred Mann – see here for details. Saturday evenings at the Borough Assembly Hall continued to be promoted by Eddie Friday. Highlights included two further appearances by Gene Vincent (February […]