1969 Aylesbury Social Club

Below is a list of gigs at the Aylesbury Social Club in 1969:

DateVenueArtist 1Artist 2
4/1/1969Aylesbury Social ClubJust Us
11/1/1969Aylesbury Social ClubMooche
25/1/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Magoos
1/2/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Crusade
8/2/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Captivates
15/2/1969Aylesbury Social ClubHarlem John's Reshuffle
22/2/1969Aylesbury Social ClubDelroy Williams Show
1/3/1969Aylesbury Social ClubElement Of Truth
8/3/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Scarab
15/3/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Jimmy Parker Soul Show
22/3/1969Aylesbury Social ClubUnadopted Society
29/3/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Village Green Road Show
5/4/1969Aylesbury Social ClubErroll Daniel and the Garments
12/4/1969Aylesbury Social ClubJ. J. Bender and the S.O.S.
19/4/1969Aylesbury Social ClubJohn James and the Swamp
26/4/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Welcome
3/5/1969Aylesbury Social ClubHarlem John's Reshuffle
10/5/1969Aylesbury Social ClubDusk Soul
17/5/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Jimmy Parker Soul Show
24/5/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Magoos
31/5/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Pavement Soul Band
7/6/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Soul Stars
14/6/1969Aylesbury Social ClubSweet Blindness
21/6/1969Aylesbury Social ClubOrange Rainbow
28/6/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe 20 to 11
5/7/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Flares
12/7/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Limeys
19/7/1979Aylesbury Social ClubThe Mixed Creed
26/7/1969Aylesbury Social ClubUnder-Milk-Wood
2/8/1969Aylesbury Social ClubCool Combination
9/8/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Grenades Show
16/8/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Favourite Soul Band
23/8/1969Aylesbury Social ClubUnadopted Society
30/8/1969Aylesbury Social ClubCarnival Soul Band
6/9/1969Aylesbury Social ClubOakley's Oracles
13/9/1969Aylesbury Social ClubAmboy Dukes
18/9/1969Aylesbury Social ClubSpirit of John Morgan (Originally advertised as Blodwyn Pig)
20/9/1969Aylesbury Social ClubSimon K and the Meantimers
27/9/1969Aylesbury Social ClubHarlem John's ReshuffleSonority
4/10/1969Aylesbury Social ClubJ. J. Bender and the S.O.S.
11/10/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Falcons
18/10/1969Aylesbury Social ClubOakley's Oracles
25/10/1969Aylesbury Social ClubCool Combination
1/11/1969Aylesbury Social ClubElement Of Truth
8/11/1969Aylesbury Social ClubCol. Bagshots Incredible Bucket Band
15/11/1969Aylesbury Social ClubRuby James and the Soundtrekkers
22/11/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Limeys
29/11/1969Aylesbury Social ClubUnadopted Society
6/12/1969Aylesbury Social ClubHarlem John's Reshuffle
13/12/1969Aylesbury Social Club20 to 11 Soul Band
20/12/1969Aylesbury Social ClubThe Limeys
24/12/1969Aylesbury Social ClubRufus Dean's Addiction
27/12/1969Aylesbury Social ClubJohn James and the Swamp
31/12/1969Aylesbury Social ClubMixed Bag

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