1968 Aylesbury Social Club

The following is a list of gigs at the Aylesbury Social Club:

DateArtist 1Artist 2
3/8/1968Soul ExpressMerryweather Station
17/8/1968Harlem John's Reshuffle
21/9/1968St. James InfirmaryLegs Diamond
5/10/1968Chicago Hush SoundLegs Diamond
19/10/1968Harlem John's ReshuffleLegs Diamond
2/11/1968The Rhubarb Tree
9/11/1968The MicrobesLegs Diamond
16/11/1968The Magoos
23/11/1968The Clayton Haze
30/11/1968Impi'sLegs Diamond
7/12/1968Erroll Daniel and the Garments
14/12/1968Archomedes Principal
21/12/1968Lawrie and the Like-Light
24/12/1968Unadopted Society
28/12/1968John McIntre Collection

An article on the split up of Concrete Parachute:


5 thoughts on “1968 Aylesbury Social Club

  1. Samantha Joiner

    Can anyone tell me the local band members of Concrete Parachute? I think my dad Ian Meyer was the bassist for the group. Any info or photographs would be great.

    • Hi Samantha,
      An article in the Bucks Advertiser on 11 July 1968 titled “Concrete Parachute bites the dust” list the mambers as:
      Ian Myer (bass guitar), Robert Woods (lead guitar), James Hopkins (trumpet), Jimmy Hemmings (drums), Ken Vincent (vocals) and Dave Hillsden (saxophone).
      Spellings as shown in the article!
      I have added the article to the 1968 Social Club page.

  2. Samantha Joiner

    Brilliant, thank you. Do you know if they played BAH at all. He was also in a band called Arandorius (not sure is spelling is correct) Life.

    • Brian zGibson

      Yes they did play at The BAH

  3. I haven’t seen any listing of appearances at the BAH – though that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! I have an article that shows Concete Parachute was the new name of the Big O Flap Band – changing the name and a new stage act incorporating more rock and roll music.

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