1967 rock in Aylesbury

1967 saw some major names appearing on the stage of the Borough Assembly Hall. These included some giants from the rock world, and others from the pop world.

Paul Hayward (sometimes shown as Paul Haywood) of the Ricky Tick club, which operated in Windsor and other local towns, had some midweek dates. The first was Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band on 25 January.


On 7 February, Zoot Money played.


A week later, on 15 February, Cream appeared, again presented by Paul Hayward. John Braley in an interview on the Friars Aylesbury website recalls: “That was when Clapton had just got an afro haircut. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker spent the whole gig staring at him and laughing”.


Paul Hayward, under his own name or as Ricky Tick, also presented John Mayall, Georgie Fame and Tomorrow featuring Keith West.

On 28th March, the Jimi Hendrix Experience played.

Jimi Hendrix

Eddie Friday continued to promote gigs on Saturday evenings, and also some in midweek. The list of those appearing contains an odd selection of artists. From the world of pop there was Englebert Humperdinck (30th May) and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (20th June). There were names from the past, such as Heinz and the Wild Boys (4th February), The Barron Knights (4th March) and Duane Eddy (17th October). And many of those who appeared on Saturday evenings are now hard to recognise.

On February 16th, the Bucks Advertiser reported that the Council would offer grants to support music events in the town:

Grants to support jazz and pop concerts as well as classical music may be made by Aylesbury Borough Council some time soon. But on Monday the council agreed not to under-write a visit by Kenny Ball and his Jazz Men being arranged for promoter Eddie Friday on February 22.

But it also recommended that the council’s officers explore with Mr. Friday the possibility of the council promoting concerts of jazz and pop music with “star performers” in association with Mr. Friday.

This eventually took the form of the Council supporting Eddie Friday with the appearances of Englebert Humperdinck and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich at the Borough Assembly Hall in midweek slots.


However these did not draw in the expected crowds. In an article “Why pop is not a sell-out”, the Bucks Advertsier reported:

Aylesbury’s pop bubble seems to have burst. A dance held anywhere in the district these days just won’t bring in the profits anymore.

Two pop concerts held at the Borough Assembly Hall recently, were sponsored by the Aylesbury Borough Council. They lost over £550. It was stated previously that £400 was to be the maximum outlay for four such concerts.

Things didn’t get any better. Later in the year, Eddie Friday presented Duane Eddy, again in a mid-week slot – but this time only 139 people came.


Towards the end of the year, there was another problem when promoters Andrew Smythe and John Raine advertised The Temptations – which was assumed to be the Motown group.


However as Phillip Apps and Dave James, writing in the Bucks Herald, reported:

The group which appeared was called The Fabulous Temptations, and may well have come from America. But it was not the group which appears on the Tamla Motown hit records credited to The Temptations. Not only was the group which appears on the records not booked to appear at the hall – it was not even in the country.

At other venues, we know that Lol Coxhill set up a jazz club on Monday evenings at the Crown Tavern in the High Street (closed in around 1980, when work began on the construction of Hale Leys Shopping Centre). An ad shows Lol playing on 30th January, with Jeff Read, Ted Speight and Tony Knight. But this was apparently not a success, as on February 23 Tony White wrote in The Bucks Advertiser:

Lol Coxhill tells me that his Crown Tavern sessions are not drawing the crowds he would like.


Later in the year, Lol was reported to be running a monthly jazz club at Unity Hall in Castle Street.

There was also the White Hart Folk Club at the White Hart Hotel in Exchange Street.

Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers were advertised to play at the Zig Zag Discotheque at the Aylesbury Social Club on 5th June, but it is uncertain whether they played. Later in the year, Dave James started his Discville nights at the New Friarage Hall – a venue that would become significant in another context a few years later.

List of gigs at the Borough Assembly Hall in 1967:

DateVenuePromoter NameArtist 1Artist 2
7/1/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe En-devers LtdThe Kontax
21/1/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayEasy Come Easy GoThe Deep
25/1/1967Borough Assembly HallPaul HaywardGeno Washington and the Ram Jam Band
28/1/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayTricia and the Southern Valley FourDenim Blues, Deuces Wild
4/2/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayHeinz and the Wild BoysThe Ironsides
7/2/1967Borough Assembly HallPaul HaywardZoot Money
10/2/1967Borough Assembly HallBucks Ass of Youth Clubs / Eddie FridayThe New Jump BandThe Tridents
11/2/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe UglysThe Associates
15/2/1967Borough Assembly HallPaul HaywardCream
18/2/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayPhil Hunter and the JaguarsThe Substitutes
21/2/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayKenny Ball and his Jazzmen
25/2/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe BobcatsThe Choosey Beggars
4/3/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Barron Knights with Duke D'MondPinky and the Phellows, Just Us
25/3/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe AnzaksThe Vibratones
28/3/1967Borough Assembly HallJimi Hendrix Experience
31/3/1967Borough Assembly HallPaul HaywardJohn Mayall
1/4/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe En-devers LtdThe Tridents
8/4/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Scots of St. JamesFreddie Fingers Lee and the Upper Hand
15/4/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe MeantimersThe Vivas
22/4/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridaySound CityLloyd Williams, Sounds from Spectre
29/4/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridaySoul ReasonThe New Era
6/5/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayGates of EdenDeuces Wild
12/5/1967Borough Assembly HallThe Small Faces (did they play?)The Soul Trinity
13/5/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe ReasonsThe Daystroms
27/5/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe StepThe Tridents
30/5/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayEnglebert HumperdinckThe Bystanders
3/6/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe AnzaksThe Sneakers
10/6/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayMotown TrinityThe Memphis Gents
17/6/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe BlockThe Nett
20/6/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayDave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and TichThe En-devers Ltd
24/6/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe SymbolsThe Driftwood
1/7/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayGates of EdenThe Crew
8/7/1067Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayPinky and the PhellowsThe New Era
15/7/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Worrying KyndeThe Industrial Revolution
22/7/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Wages of SinThe Flowers
29/7/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayJohnny Carr and the CadillacsMarie (DJ)
5/8/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Memphis GentsThe Vibratones
11/8/1967Borough Assembly HallRicky Tick Promotions ?Georgie Fame
12/8/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe DriftwoodThe Angelo Six
18/8/1967Borough Assembly HallRicky Tick PromotionsTomorrow featuring Keith West
19/8/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe En-devers LtdThe Vivas
2/9/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Mazeplus supporting group (unknown)
9/9/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Memphis GentsThe Exit
15/9/1967Borough Assembly HallHoratio Soul and the Square DealJ. J. Bender and the S.O.S.
16/9/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe U-No-WhoThe Re-action
23/9/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Crash LandingThe Flowers
30/9/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe ImpulseThe Associates
7/10/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe KobaltsThe Ironsides
14/10/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Purple BarrierGranny's Attic
17/10/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayDuane EddyBobby and the Rebels, Soho's Fabulous Go-Getters
21/10/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Cole Trane UnionThe Dream
4/11/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Wages of SinThe Acceleration
11/11/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Quick Re-actionThe Spectre Powerhouse
21/11/1967Borough Assembly HallAndrew Smythe and John RaineThe (Fabulous) TemptationsThe Avalons, Parkers Mood
18/11/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe En-devers LtdThe Ginger Factory
25/11/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Virgin SleepThe Reaction
2/12/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe Memphis GentsGranny's Attic
9/12/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayThe DreamSurrealist Adventure
23/12/1967Borough Assembly HallEddie FridayPinky and the PhellowsThe Denim Blues

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  1. Dave White

    I saw the Small Faces Twice, 1967, “Watchya gonna do” was number 1,then the year after.,I was also at the Geno Washington,Zoot Money, Hendrix,Cream gigs. Unforgettable.

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