1965 rock in Aylesbury

The Borough Assembly Hall was the main venue in town in 1965. Eddie Friday continued to promote on Saturday nights, but during the year there were some new promoters bringing different artists to Aylesbury – including a short-lived folk club.

One of the highlights of the year was the appearance of The Who on 10th September. A review by Tony White in the Bucks Advertiser covered The Who who played on a Friday evening and Screaming Lord Sutch who appeared the following evening – click on image below to enlarge:

Aylesbury saw the two extremes in pop entertainment last weekend – Friday being the noisiest thing it’s ever been my misfortune to encounter in the shape of The Who and Saturday being far more enjoyable, even though mostly old hat, in the form of Screaming Lord Sutch.

Friday’s performance by the young men being lauded as the bringers of “pop art” to pop was the first, and I sincerely hope the last, time that any form of music, even in its most primitive guise, has made me physically sick. The noise – I think that would be a better title – was so abominably loud that after 20 minutes I had to leave for a stiff whisky with aspirins to settle a throbbing head and an upset stomach.

The Who full page Bucks Advertiser

S & M Promotions presented 16 year old Lulu on 20th August. In 1964 as a 15 year old, Lulu and the Luvvers had a hit with “Shout”. Tony White writing in the Bucks Advertiser was impressed:

This vivacious 16-year-old, who hails from Glasgow, brought the lads to the front of the stage to cheer her wildly – a change from the hordes of screaming girls. And her brief (about 35 minutes) appearance on stage sent them back asking for more …

Overall, it was a first-rate performance from a young girl I think is destined to be in show business for a long time.

Lulu review

The Ready Steady Go Club was another newcomer to the Borough Assembly Hall, with Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band, The Hollies and The Nashville Teens playing.

This was the third visit to Aylesbury by The Hollies, having previously played at the Granada in November 1964 and at the Borough Assembly Hall in April 1965. 1965 had bought two hits – “I’m Alive” (number one in June/July 1965) and “Look Through Any Window” (October 1965).

Hollies report Nov 65

Zoot Money

In July a Folk Blues Club presented by Bruce Dunnet spang up for a few weeks, presenting Nadia Cattousse, Shirley Collins and Arlo Guthrie.

Tony White did not enjoy Arlo Guthrie’s performance – and questioned whether the Borough Assembly Hall was the right venue for folk:

To me, and I know to many others, the answer lies in the Borough Assembly Hall bogie – that is its barn-like structure designed to immediately kill off any initimate atmosphere that a promoter aims for.

I know Bruce wants to get some of our younger folk artists used to working on a large stage, but I think he must realise that a much better rapport could be attained between the performers and listeners if they were altogether on the same level.

Arlo Guthrie review

Eddie Friday’s promotions included Them and The Ivy League.

Them had had chart success with “Baby Please Don’t Go” (with B-side “Gloria”) and “Here Comes The Night”. The photo below is thought to have been taken at this gig in 1965. Thanks to Simon Gee who wrote to identify (left to right) Pete Bardens (keyboards), Terry Noon (drums), Van Morrison, Joe Baldi (guitar), Alan Henderson (bass).

Image: Bucks Herald / Aylesbury Remembered
Image: Bucks Herald / Aylesbury Remembered

See more photos at the Aylesbury Remembered website: https://www.aylesburyremembered.com/LiveMusic/Misc-Live-Music/1960s/Them-1965/.

The Ivy League had “Tossing And Turning” in the charts, peaking at number 3.

Them ad

On 10th November, the Small Faces played.

Small Faces poster

The band included Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan, who had replaced Jimmy Winston. In his review, John Finn wrote:

Those chirpy East Enders, the Small Faces, who rocketed to fame with their first record, “Whatcha Gonna Do About It”, recently paid their first visit to the Borough Assembly Hall last week.

Perhaps the most significant thing about them is their meteoric rise to fame. Inside six months they have risen from nothing to become potentially one of the biggest groups to hit the pop scene this year.

Small Faces review

List of gigs at Borough Assembly Hall in 1965 – not including Bluesville:

DateClubPromoter NameArtist 1Artist 2
2/1/1965Eddie FridayThe Half DozenThe Mantas
9/1/1965Eddie FridayThe Eric Delaney Band
16/1/1965Eddie Friday
23/1/1965Eddie FridayThe Knives and ForksThe Vibrations
24/1/1965Eddie FridayThe EchoesThe Whispering Four
30/1/1965Eddie FridayThe ClassmatesThe Cavaliers
6/2/1965Eddie FridayShane and the Shane GangThe Sonics
13/2/1965Eddie FridayTerry Judge and the BarristersThe Apollos
20/2/1965Eddie FridayTom Thumb and the Four FingersGeorgie, The Rave Ons
27/2/1965Eddie FridayThe Wackers with Terry AntonThe Mantas with Carol Hanson
6/3/1965Eddie FridayJohnny Carr and the CadillacsThe Narcotics
10/3/1965The PrimitivesThe Shames
13/3/1965Eddie FridayTony Knight and the LivewiresRodgers Codgers
20/3/1965Eddie FridayBern Elliott and His KlanThe Downsiders
10/4/1965Eddie FridayThe HolliesThe Cavaliers, The Homelanders
17/4/1965Eddie FridayShirley and JohnnyThe Berries, The Monktones
1/5/1965Eddie FridayBeat SixThe Yes 'n' No
8/5/1965Eddie FridayTerry Judge and the BarristersThe Cameos
15/5/1965Eddie FridayJohnny Carr and the CadillacsThe Mantas
22/5/1965Eddie FridayBryan and the BrunellesThe Triads
29/5/1965Eddie FridayWashington D.C.sThe Macambos, The Victors
5/6/1965Eddie FridayShelleyThe Reasons
12/6/1965Eddie FridayYenson's TrollsThe Silhouettes
19/6/1965Eddie FridayShirley and JohnnyThe Homelanders, The Konways
26/6/1965Eddie FridayThe Persuasions with Terry AntonThe Vibratones
3/7/1965Eddie FridayBeat Six featuring Jeannie St. ClaireThe Sneakers
10/7/1965Eddie FridayJohnny Kidd and the PiratesThe Sneakers
17/7/1965Eddie FridayThe TrampsGeoff Moule and the Diggers
20/7/1965Folk Blues ClubBruce DunnetNadia Cattousse
24/7/1965Eddie FridayGobbledegooksThe Dark Ages
27/7/1965Folk Blues ClubBruce DunnetShirley CollinsBarry Thomas, The Tinkers
31/7/1965Eddie FridayThe CameosThe Nightbeats
3/8/1965Folk Blues ClubBruce DunnetArlo Guthrie
7/8/1965Eddie FridayThemSound F-X
14/8/1965Eddie FridayThe Ivy LeagueTerry Judge and the Barristers
20/8/1965S & M PromotionsLulu and the Lovers
21/8/1965Eddie FridayThe Fairlanes featuring Lindi LooThe Mantas
28/8/1965Eddie FridayJimmy Royal and the HawksThe Reasons
4/9/1965Eddie FridayThe ShindigsThe Associates
10/9/1965The Who
11/9/1965Eddie FridayScreamin' Lord Sutch and the SavagesThe En Devers Ltd
18/9/1965Eddie FridayJohnny Cannon and the ShadesThe Tribe
25/9/1965Eddie FridayThe WayfarersThe Vivas
2/10/1965Eddie FridayRip Van Winkle and the MonstersLynn Cordette and the Countdowns
9/10/1965Eddie FridayThe CameosThe Skyliners
12/10/1965Ready Steady Go ClubKenny and Kash
16/10/1965Eddie FridayThe Blue RavensThe Sonics
19/10/1965Ready Steady Go ClubZoot Money and his Big Roll Band
23/10/1965Eddie FridayDean Lord and the GaylordsThe Nightbeats
29/10/1965Eddie FridayMistral TuacThe Quantum
6/11/1965Eddie FridayThe Barron KnightsJames King and the Farinas
9/11/1965John Mayall and his Bluesbreakers
10/11/1965The Small Faces
13/11/1965Eddie FridayThe SymbolsAlan Wade and the Hawkers
16/11/1965Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds
19/11/1965Bucks Ass of Youth Clubs / Eddie FridayThe CameosThe Ravons, The Justice League
20/11/1965Bucks Ass of Youth Clubs / Eddie FridayThe ShindigsThe Mantas
23/11/1965Ready Steady Go ClubThe Hollies
27/11/1965Eddie FridayWashington D.C.sThe Associates
4/12/1965Eddie FridayBilly Storm and the FalconsThe Vivas, The Unchained
11/12/1965Eddie FridayJohnny Anger and the Wild OnesThe Neutrons
14/12/1965Eddie FridayDutch College Swing Band
18/12/1965Eddie FridayThe CameosThe Vibrations
21/12/1965Ready Steady Go ClubThe Nashville Teens
24/12/1965Eddie FridayShirley and Johnny (hosts)Lynn Cordette and the Countdowns, The Dark Ages

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  1. Barry Sinfield

    My name is Barry Sinfield and I was in a Bedfordshire group in the mid 60’s and we played at the Aylesbury Assembly Hall on 24/12/68 as Forever Changes supported by U-Know-Who
    This was your Christmas Eve event.
    I have a copy of the poster for that booking would you like it.?

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