1957: Trad jazz comes to the Grosvenor

On 4 September 1957, the Buckinghamshire Traditional Jazz Club held its opening night at the Grosvenor Ballroom. The artist was Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.

Kenny Ball ad Sept 57

The Bucks Herald covered the opening on its front page on September 13, 1957. The organiser was Barrington Saunders, an ex-servieman from Ilford, who told the Herald: When I was stationed at Bicester, I often came into Aylesbury, and I thought what a depressing place it was for entertainment. I also thought that Aylesbury had tremendous possibilities for social outlet, and by the look of the people here tonight I think these traditional jazz evenings will be a success.

Bucks Trad Jazz Club

Sadly the club did not appear to last long, and had closed by the end of the year. Below is a list of dates that we have been able to find. If you can provide any more information, do please let us know.

DateArtist 1Notes
04/09/1957Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
11/09/1957Charlie Galbraith and his Jazz Band
18/09/1957Marlborough Jazz Band
25/09/1957Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
02/10/1957Sonny Morris Jazzmen
16/10/1957No artist details
06/11/1957Reg Mallet and his band
13/11/1957Reg Mallet and his band

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